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                        1. Enterprise Value Concept: Embodying Self-Value and Creating a Better Life Together

                        The value concept that all employees agree on is the most fundamental principle to guide the enterprise behavior, which essentially determines the success of the enterprise, and is also the root of affecting the performance of the enterprise. Embodying self-worth and creating a better life together are our values and core concepts of all corporate culture concepts.

                        To embody personal value is to pursue the realization of self-value. It can destroy people's progress, make people upward, make people rise up in difficulties, and thus achieve their brilliant life. Pursuing the realization of personal value can make us learn, improve and grow constantly in practice. Our cognitive ability and level can also be constantly improved in the process of pursuing self. As long as we keep learning and don't give up, we will gradually come out of mistakes and failures and finally see the dawn of victory.

                        Create a better life: Through our joint efforts, we gradually achieve the basic material goals, improve the material living conditions of individuals and families, thereby improving the quality of life; enhance their overall quality, reflect their own values, and create a better life for individuals.

                        2. Employee Spirit: Loyalty, Collaboration, Professionalism and Enterprising

                        Loyalty: Due diligence, to safeguard the interests of the company as the benchmark. Loyalty is the principle of heaven, and honesty is the basis of being a man. "Loyalty" means not to be selfish, concentric, concerted, grateful, and successful. Loyalty is not only a kind of excellent traditional spirit, but also a kind of enterprise spirit of modern enterprises. It not only protects responsibility.It is also a responsibility in itself. In an enterprise, what we need is a group of loyal employees. Because of loyalty, they can do their best and fulfill their duties; because of loyalty, they can be anxious for enterprises and worry about enterprises; because of loyalty, they dare to assume all responsibilities.
                          Collaboration: Good at communication and cooperation, with the goal of improving team efficiency. Now we have entered the era of teamwork, and the era of individual heroes and solo fights has come to an end. We need to integrate ourselves into the team, build the best team of our own business, and create our own business Kingdom and world by the operation of the team! _________

                        Professional: High standards, strict requirements, and constantly improve professional skills. Professionalism means: deep learning and tireless research on the work they are engaged in; continuous learning and innovation on the basis of original knowledge, full of creativity; high professional ethics, professional ethics and dedication. Enterprises need professional staff, employees need to have professional spirit in their work! ____________

                        Enterprising: Yongchuang first, to promote the development of the company as its responsibility. Enterprise is not only the starting point of success, but also the most important psychological resource. A person's heart is as big as the stage. It is the most important habit for a successful person to have a high vision and always think about improvement and progress. Enterprise shapes a person's soul.The height of life that each of us can reach begins with a state of mind. When we want to achieve something, we break through the constraints that limit us. Enterprise is the source of human wisdom, the most powerful engine, the benchmark of our achievements, and the source of vitality of life.Only when I am enterprising can we fully tap our potential, realize the value of life and fully enjoy the sweetness of life. Enterprises need highly enterprising people.

                        3. Business philosophy: integrity, cooperation, win-win and development

                        Credit is the foundation of market economy; Credit is the foundation of enterprise development and human being. Honesty is the eternal investment of an enterprise, and also the eternal investment of everyone. People take sincerity as the first, sincerity as the foundation, and sincerity as the source. Whoever has integrity is equal to marriage with smile, applause and victory; Whoever violates integrity is doomed to go with bitterness, loneliness and failure.

                        Cooperation is to work together for a common purpose or to accomplish a task together. In today's period of large-scale socialized production, without cooperation, many products can not be produced and transactions can not be carried out at all. Only through cooperation can we exchange needs, share resources and avoid wasting resources.

                        Win-win and development is to share risks, interests, common goals and sustainable development under the common value concept. Win-win can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, standardize industry standards, and effectively allocate various social resources. It is a strong combination of wisdom, strength, brand and human resources. It is also a support point for the interdependence and common development of enterprises and customers, strategic partners and employees. However, win-win situation can not be realized naturally. First of all, it needs subjective quality foundation such as belief, will and character. While seeking their own interests, enterprises should also take the initiative to consider the interests of others and replace independent competition with mutual benefit, mutual trust, mutual trust and cooperation.

                        The 21st century is an era of competition and cooperation. It is an era of resource sharing, channel sharing and wealth sharing. The ideal business model is to compete and cooperate with each other to create a "cooperative creation" to make the cake bigger and stronger, and ultimately achieve win-win, win-win or multi-win.

                        4. Service Concept: Service Creates a Better Impression

                        Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services beyond customer expectations, and be customers'permanent partners. This is the service concept that we have always adhered to and advocated. Improve the service system, strengthen pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, and help customers solve all kinds of problems in the use of goods in a timely manner, so that customers feel very convenient.

                        Satisfaction comes from love! Only with love can we manage, produce and serve with heart!

                        "User first" emphasizes that users are always in the first place, users are in a higher position than everything else. "Careful service" emphasizes the basic criteria to be followed in service. User satisfaction is our working standard, and we should use our sincerity to create inspiration. Intentional service, first of all, "sincere" and "sincerity", that is, service should start from spiritual communicationThat is, to devote all efforts and energy to serve users wholeheartedly and sincerely for the sake of users. Third, we should be "careful" and "patient". Quality service is to start from small things, that is, to see the truth in detail, and to persevere in long-term efforts. Do not tire of, patience to achieve user satisfaction. In this way, our service will be perfect, will leave a good impression on customers, establish a good brand image of the company.

                        5. Implementing Idea: Do not find the reason why it is not possible, only find the way to do it.

                        Enterprises need execution, execution is competitiveness, because without execution, no matter how grand the strategic blueprint or how scientific and rational the organizational structure, can not achieve its desired results. "No excuse" is the most important code of conduct pursued by West Point Military Academy in the past 200 years. It strengthens that every student tries his best to accomplish any task, not to find excuses for not accomplishing the task, even if it seems reasonable. He embodies a perfect executive ability, an attitude of obedience to honesty, and a spirit of responsibility and dedication.

                        There are many reasons why a task can't work, but we need our collective efforts to overcome difficulties and solve problems. We advocate the working behavior concept of "obedience as virtue", "execution without any excuse", "discipline as the basis of dedication", and strive to create a work style of "wholehearted, immediate action, vigorous, responsible to the end". In this way, we will continue to strengthen the management of enterprises, so as to make our thinking more firm, style more pragmatic, smooth implementation, more powerful implementation and stronger joint efforts.

                        6. Employment Idea: The Higher the Ability, the Lower the Mediocrity, the Lower the Loose the Abandoned

                        Today's competition among enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition for talents. In order to broaden the channels of selecting and employing persons, break the traditional mechanism of employing persons, establish the principles of openness, equality, competition and selection of talents, and change "xiangma" into "horse racing". Enterprises should always adhere to the employment mechanism of "the competent, the mediocre and the idle".Establish the sense of urgent responsibility of "no work is no fault" and create a system environment in which outstanding managers stand out. The middle-level cadres should comprehensively implement the management methods of competitive recruitment, quantitative assessment, periodic rotation and non-elimination; the ordinary staff should insist on two-way selection, appointment, responsibility and responsibility, and clarify their powers and responsibilities; so as to truly realize "the competent, the mediocre and the idle" and establish a high-quality cadre team to select qualified and excellent leaders at all levels.People-oriented, enterprises will adhere to the long-term "only the use of virtue, only the promotion" and "people do their best to make the best use of". Establish the consciousness of selecting talents with both ability and morality. At the same time, we should implement the strategy of "introducing talents from inside to outside". Specifically speaking, it is to cultivate and retain talents inward, and to absorb and introduce talents outward.

                        7.Communication philosophy: listen attentively and respond attentively

                        Without communication, there is no understanding. First of all, communication should be good at listening. Whether good at listening is a sign to measure the level of a manager, and it is also a management skill widely used by outstanding managers at home and abroad. There is a famous saying in the Wei Zheng of the Tang Dynasty: listening at the same time is bright, but listening at the same time is dark. Matsushita Lucky Help summed up all his business secrets in one sentence: First listen to the opinions of others.

                        Communication is the only way to understand, and real understanding must be realized with heart and responded with heart. Otherwise, that kind of surface communication will be ineffective, and even create a counterproductive illusion. Because we always seek communication skills and channels, but ignore the loss of sincerity, it makes centrifugal communication farther and farther. In fact, the collision of hearts is the source of communication. When managers trust others, they are also trusted by others.

                        If communication starts from the heart, then management ends with communication. Business management, whether rigid or flexible, always exercises power and obligation within a certain agreed scope, while the boundary of communication is the boundary of mind. Only by opening the door to our hearts can we experience unbounded communication, improve morale, motivate enthusiasm and help us achieve our goals. Therefore, intentional communication needs to "clearly understand my heart", so let us do a lot less white work, and take a lot less unjust road. Let's communicate openly and spiritually, let our hearts depend on our hearts, let sincerity convey warmth, let understanding awaken love.

                        8. Concept of Success: Realizing Self-Goals at Each Stage on the Ground

                        Everyone has his own ideal and his own life goal. It is rare that he should have the spirit of seeking truth from facts, be down-to-earth, analyse his own advantages objectively and calmly, as well as the objective conditions of the real society and environment, and formulate more realistic phased goals, such as long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. For short-term goals,We should always check the gap, reflect and motivate ourselves, and find the right direction for our efforts. In this way, let a small success constantly motivate ourselves to move forward, from one success to another success, when one day,It is only when we look back suddenly that we realize that we have achieved many proud staged successes in our lives.Of course, success and failure always go hand in hand. No failure, no success, the key is to see our attitude towards failure. We must face up to failure. Failure does not mean forever, because failure is a turning point in life. If you understand after failure,If you can get up again, you can find the reason for your failure, and then success will wave to you. The easiest thing in the world is to persevere, and the hardest thing is to persevere. It's easy because everyone can do it if he wants to; it's difficult because only a few people can really do it. Success lies in perseverance. This is a secret that is not mysterious.

                        9. Attitude and Idea: Only by doing things conscientiously and conscientiously can we do things well

                        Attitude is everything! Only by maintaining a positive attitude, working hard, concentrating the most important energy on the most important things, focusing on their own career and success, paying our greatest enthusiasm and pursuing excellence, can we give us the greatest incentive for success, can we bring our greatest potential into full play, and can our ability be accompanied by greater innovation and creativity! Only then can we do things well and make the work perfect! 

                        10. Cost Concept: Save Resources and Start with Me

                        Saving is not only a way of behavior, but also a kind of quality, a kind of responsibility and a kind of public morality. Economics emphasizes the timely, appropriate, appropriate and appropriate use and consumption according to the characteristics of goods, and the use of fewer resources to achieve greater economic and social benefits. Therefore, saving is an important way to reduce costs and increase social wealth. With the rapid development of human industrial civilization, along with the endless destruction and waste of ecological resources, natural resources are increasingly exhausted. Everyone of us should set up the idea of treating the earth well and protecting ecological resources. It is the common responsibility of all mankind to protect ecological resources and the earth.

                        Don't be too small to do good! Start from me, bit by bit!

                        11. Learning Idea: The Beginning of Changing Destiny

                        Knowledge changes destiny and learning achieves the future. May the light of learning light up our ideals. We are in an era of rapid change, fierce competition and the elimination of the fittest. How to effectively respond to change, build competitive advantage and achieve sustainable development is the primary problem that every organization and individual must face. Deep inside each of us, we have a deep desire for success. We are eager to succeed, only learning can make it possible. How high your heart is, how long is the way to learn...

                        Learning is the first need of modern people and the fundamental means for enterprises and workers to survive and develop. Only when an enterprise becomes a learning organization can it survive and develop for a long time without extinction; only when employees keep learning, can they keep up with the pace of social development and not be eliminated. Knowledge is wealth, ability is value, learning is accumulation of capital, learning can create happiness.The era of one-time learning has passed. Diploma is no longer a lifelong durable product. Everyone needs lifelong learning. Lifelong learning will benefit you all, and all of you will benefit from lifelong learning. We should advocate the whole process of learning, make work study and study work.

                        12. Training Idea: The Most Valuable Investment is Human Investment

                        In the final analysis, the competition of modern enterprises is still the competition of talents. If enterprises want to take the initiative in the fierce market competition and win, they must form a high-quality team. The high-quality team, not only must strictly control the "entry" pass, but also need to rely on the training of enterprises. Today's era is the era of knowledge economy and information technology. The speed of knowledge updating is greatly accelerated, which requires enterprises to increase training efforts, according to their own development requirements, targeted, to meet the requirements of enterprise development. This is a wise move to win both at one stroke and a win-win strategy to realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

                        Training is not only an investment, but also the most valuable investment for enterprises. Training not only improves staff's consciousness, enthusiasm and creativity, but also benefits enterprises by increasing the efficiency and value of enterprise output. It also enhances staff's quality and ability and benefits employees. For staff training, the more adequate training, the more attractive to employees, the more value-added human resources can be brought into play, so as to create more benefits for enterprises. Training is an investment with very high rate of return, which makes it possible for enterprises to multiply their benefits.

                        13. Competition Idea: survival of the fittest by eliminating the fittest

                        This is an era of fierce competition, innovation and survival, but also full of contradictions and traps. The natural laws of survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest are still valid. The strong will succeed miraculously in a short time, and the weak will be eliminated quickly and relentlessly.
                          Whoever wants to win in the competition must have an advantage in concept, quality, technology, price, service and reputation. The acquisition of advantages depends on the correct decision-making of enterprise leaders and the joint efforts of all employees. From the perspective of corporate culture, the key is to build up the sense of competition in pursuit of excellence among all employees and to build up the sense of competition in pursuit of excellence.We must form a good psychological environment of self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-improvement, encourage the spirit of continuous self-improvement and cultivate a strong sense of collective honor and responsibility. Continuously cultivate the competitive consciousness of all employees, and constantly strengthen the internal competition mechanism. Improving the Quality of Staff Team through Internal CompetitionWe must form our own and optimize the structure of the staff. The development of enterprises is like a big wave of sand, strong in the selection, the best in the selection. Only by making every effort to fight and achieve good business performance, can enterprises win a good environment for survival and development (i.e. future survival).

                        14. Sales philosophy: Only the idea of off-season, no off-season market

                        Only off-season thinking, no off-season market. Only weak thinking, no weak market; management itself is no off-season, peak season, artificial laxity so that people deliberately define these two terms from the ideological, so that our behavior is bound, or even form a fixed thinking.

                        Despite the objective existence of the off-peak season of enterprise sales, the key is what kind of mentality we use to look at it. We need to change off-season marketing concepts. Haier believes that the only constant rule of the market is always changing. In order to improve sales performance in off-season, enterprises must change their management concept and establish the idea of "no off-season sales". Faced with the alternation of off-season and off-season, only by guiding consumption with a positive attitude and creating consumption can they get out of the off-season sales and improve sales performance.

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