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Hello, welcome to the official website of Dongguan Zhilian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Build the brand of switch panel glass industry

11 years of focus on research and development of high-end security monitoring glass manufacturers


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Dongguan Zhilian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.Former Shenzhen Jingnan Optical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with the approval of relevant state departments. Located in Longhua New District of Shenzhen, which has obvious regional advantages, excellent human settlements and is conducive to success and entrepreneurship, the factory area is 5000 square meters.

In order to deepen the need to expand business and the deep-seated development of enterprises and to better improve the quality of service for customers, the company has established two companies in 2013 and 2018, one is "Shenzhen Xintianhong Technology Co., Ltd." the other is "Dongguan Zhilian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd." is a Dongguan Zhilian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.In order to expand the scale of the enterprise, enhance the strength of the enterprise and improve the level of the enterprise, the company has introduced a large number of advanced equipment, new technologies and new materials in recent years.

There are special cutting, grinding, CNC drilling, hot bending, tempering and silk printing processes in the production workshop.The production workshop has special-shaped cutting, mainly processing and managementThe production workshop has special-shaped cutting, such as security monitoring glass, smart home panel glass, ultra-thin glass, optical glass, instrument glass, screen-printed glass, coated glass, sandblasting/grinding glass, mirror glass, step glass, stained glass, display glass, electronic window glass lenses and other special glass, with thickness ranging from 0.1 mm to 22 mm.The production workshop has special-shaped cutting, which can be widely used in liquid crystal display, medical detection, industrial mirror making, optical instruments, smart home, security monitoring and other fields.The production workshop has special shape cutting, but the company aims to create a first-class domestic glass deep processing enterprise; takes "integrity, quality, service, innovation" as its purpose; follows the "development, win-win" business philosophy, glass quality is provided steadily.At the same time, it has also been sold to North America, Europe, India and other international markets, creating a good reputation in the industry.

At present, Dongguan Zhilian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has entered a mature and rapid development period, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company has been focusing on security monitoring and glass deep processing industry for 13 years. We look forward to working with customers at home and abroad to create a better tomorrow and create a harmonious future!
Dongguan Zhilian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
Record No: Guangdong ICP Record No. 19011210
Service hotline:0769-82913191
Tel:18122910820  13316877509  15813727277
Fax:0769-82913191  Company mailbox:E-mail:xthjp168@126.com
Company Address: 1-3 Floor, Building B, Xianlong Lane, Shabu Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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